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  Course Highlights
Live interactive classes by experts
Classroom experience at home
Audio – Video Enabled Interactive Virtual Classroom
Interact with your peers while learning
No travel, save time - Study in the comfort of your home
Adhering to world-class teaching standards
The program Spark is designed to ignite the minds of young learners and develop in them a phenomenal confidence to face the challenges of board exams. The course is planned in such a way that students would become more familiar with expectations and objectives of the questions appearing in the examinations. The current Spark program offers 25 hrs for Mathematics and is conducted exclusively for students of CBSE class XII. The chapters with maximum allotment of marks as per the blue print are discussed.
We guide the learners an effective time management that can help relieve stress and ensure a higher level of memory retention.
All You Need
is a Computer
with Broadband Internet connection
along with Microphone & Speaker
Get, Set, Go......
We motivate the learners to acquire effective techniques to aid memory retention can help you remember critical facts during exams.
We enable them to have a right approach towards the examinations
We involve the learners to actively participate in the revision conducted during the session.
At the end of the course, the learner will be able to identify the techniques of answering the questions. Learners will be equipped with adequate knowledge, skills and right attitude towards examination. An exit level test will be conducted and a course comtpletion certificate will be awarded by Everonn. Make the best use of this course to achieve and excel.
Course Schedule
Start Date: 15 .11.2010 End Date: 21.12.2010
Monday - Friday
Price : 1000

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